Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When The Snow Fell In Denver - video

As promised here is the third of the four videos from the Monkey Chews gig. It's the full live version of When The Snow Fell In Denver, complete with false ending and the big electronic finish! It's worth pointing out that everything you hear on the track is created live (and has been mixed pretty much straight off the desk) - there are no overdubs or extra parts added. The looped guitars and kick drum are via a Boss LoopStation RC-20 and the infinite echo and "girl" harmony parts are via a TC Helicon VoiceLive box. You can just about see it at the end when the camera pans down to show me on the floor.

It's a pretty tricky song to play (and create, if you like) and it shows as I'm a little nervous at the start and very relieved at the end. Anyway, enough words - enjoy!

There is one more pair of songs to come and another creative use of electronics, so look out for that towards the end of the week.

More news to come soon about Surface Unsigned and other gigs, but for now I just thought I'd mention that I'm heading to the CD launch for Fit & The Conniptions tonight at the Blag Club in Notting Hill Gate, in case anyone else fancies coming along.


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Trixie said...

Thanks for the background music while reading blogs this morning!