Saturday, November 01, 2008

Channel Fiver

Do you remember that I was involved in filming an Open Mic Night for Channel Fiver? Well it's for a show called Best Friend's Rehab and it's being shown on Monday at 10pm. Do check it out if you can and see if you can spot me, or even hear my songs being played. It's unlikely that I'll be anywhere near a cable TV at that time, so I'll have to rely on you guys letting me know if you spotted me.

Btw, I'm coming up to a big birthday, and I'd like to take this chance to invite you to a couple of celebrations:

Firstly to celebrate the end of my 30s, please join me at the Royal Oak in Borough (near London Bridge) 44, Tabard St, London, SE1 4JU - on Saturday 29th November from 7.30pm onwards.

(Keen people should contact me, as might well start drinking earlier in the area. Also, anyone who would like to stay over at my house is welcome.)

Secondly, to celebrate the start my 40th year, please join me for a Masquerade Ball at the Montague Arms in New Cross on Thursday December 11th from 8pm onwards. Entertainment will include, Fit & the Conniptions, Steve Antoni, Jacen Bruce, Anne-Marie Sanderson, Frog Morris and myself. Please wear a mask!

Friends and relations are welcome to either celebration.

You can also celebrate with me at any of my gigs in December:

4th December, 8.00pm
The White Hart, 1 Mile End Road, Whitechapel, E1 4TP

7th December, 8.30pm
The Horn, Victoria Street, St. Albans, AL1 3TE

11th December, 8.30pm
Montague Arms, 289 Queens Rd, New Cross, London, SE15 2PA

Have fun!

(in Newcastle)


Trixie said...

I can't make your 40th hon, as my mum arrives from Oz the day before, but the other dates, I'll look at, as I'll have a built in babysitter while she is here! (just not the day after she arrives, lol)

Daren said...

Trixie: No worries, I'm sure we'll get a chance to hook up soon.