Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pasty Anyone?

So after arriving to find that we were actually playing at 10 instead of 9 things went pretty well. My friend Sarah was there to do her song, which went from being first, to being after one song, to being in the middle.... I was getting confused. "Are the two verses the same length?" I enquired... yes... cool...

So we watched the first funky outfit playing, somewhere between Ben Folds Five and Counting Crows... but where exactly we weren't sure... then I tuned up and got on stage... Sarah appears to check the microphone height... "Let's just do it now" fair enough so we did... cue Sarah's debut performance of her song "Fall"... even managed to survive when it turned out that she fancied cutting the second verse in half and going straight to the chorus... it's not as though I asked or anything... ha, ha. Well done babe, you are a star in the making!!

After that my set went fine, messed up a bit in a couple of tunes, but covered over fairly well I think. Tomorrow was the star song as usual. During Lullabies the sweat started to run down my face and into my eyes, could barely see a thing.

Tim followed with his well crafted tunes, including a couple of Stars in Exile tracks (check out and ) and a cracking new song, which turned a few heads. Can't wait to get recording some stuff again. In a nice touch I joined him on stage to harmonise "Stone of Resolution"... thanks to Rich, Adge, Sarah, James and Em for coming along to support. Looking forward to doing it all again tonight!!


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Peach said...

Ha haa ook ok ok ok ok did you HAVE to blog that bit about me bumming up the second verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!