Thursday, November 16, 2006

Minneapolis. Hungover. Tired. Awake.

Diet Coke with Cherry, New Edition

So, I sat down today and played through pretty much all of my songs I can remember, about 12 or so songs... actually there are more than that, but I can't play them... ha, ha. And another song started to form, so here is the new song:

Minneapolis, Hungover, Tired, Awake

I’m tired, so very tired,
Tired of waking up, not knowing where I am.
Is this the north? Is this the south,
the east or did we go west?

Is that girl making eyes at me?
Or am I just out of my tree,
It wouldn’t be the first time.
It wouldn't be the first time.

If the bus has to break too hard,
We’ll all be two inches shorter,
Or crushed in a pile of metal
Somewhere on the road to Omaha.

Strawberries and cream,
And a champagne dream.
It wouldn't be the first time.
It wouldn't be the first time.

And I miss you so much,
And I wish you were here,
So I could touch you… or even hold you.
And we could get drunk all over again.

I was in a city today,
I don’t know which one or what time of day,
The men in white suits,
Are coming for me.

Is that girl making eyes at me?
Or am I barking up the wrong fucking tree.
It wouldn’t be the first time.
It wouldn't be the first time.


It wouldn't be the first time,
It wouldn't be the first time.

(Callow - 2006)

Hear this song now:

It comes from that weird time in between waking and sleeping that I seemed to inhabit a lot of the time whilst I was away. The picture is from the tour bus, somewhere between Minneapolis and Omaha (as mentioned in the song). We (Keano, Monk, Seamus and Jimbo - Holger and yours truly, not pictured) were having a wail of a time listening to Bill Bailey on the CD player and drinking some very fine red wine donated to us by the Pet Shop Boys dressing room... somehow the bus never did crash, although we had two very near misses and two breakdowns. Life can be a balanced on a knife edge, it amazes me sometimes (or maybe all the time) how I'm still here to tell you all about it. Really looking forward to recording these songs and getting them out there... comments?!

BTW, this week I have been mostly watching silent films with improvised music and looking at Da Vinci's notebooks.


P.S. Apart from the bus related stuff there are two Pet Shop Boys tour references in the song... 2 points to the first person who spots them both.


Anonymous said...

Hey! My gran use to do improvised piano to silent films, so i'm told... still wide awake, post-gorgonzola, and playing music trivia with the Guardian's RR blog... can't get the PSB one tho' and it's pissing me off!

This one's improving with age, like the cheese I just had, better now that the bus crash is in the middle rather than at the end... :)

Anonymous said...

Right, a bit more lucid now... first guess coming up:
'go west' after the song
'men in white suits' in honour of the sperm/gremlin get up (very fetching!)

Peach said...

as my mum would say "you never write anything HAPPY, do you dear?". Paula Yates said to Geldof "can't you write me a bloody love song?". Clearly he didn't, or if he did it must have been a bit pants because she sodded off and shagged Hutchinson. So there's a moral for ya.

;-) just kiddin

Ps set your date right, it aint 4:06am at all

Muzzo said...

I got the go west, or am I getting confused with Village People! Strawberries and Cream may be the other link?

Looking forward to the other tracks on Lullabies from the Wheels of t, if on same lines as Minneapolis. Hungover. Tired.

Daren said...

For the record, Paula was right... the two references were "Go West" from the Pet Shop Boys cover of the song of the same name, and "The men in white suits" which does refer to the white suits we had to wear on stage to push the cube around. Thanks for playing!!