Monday, November 13, 2006

London, UK

So I'm finally back in rainy London, for a while anway. Finally had the chance to sit down with my guitar and start to form some ideas, and I've been thinking a lot about travel, and life and the endless journey. So a few chords came along (Am, G, C, F, Dm Bb) the usually sorts of suspects, but with a kinda different feel for me. And the words started to fit, so here is the first semi-complete song, and as luck would have it, it's probably the title track (thanks again Alex).

BTW, the picture is one of the last ones I took in L.A. - it's the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard, with the Bel Age hotel in the background.

Lullabies From The Wheels of The Bus

Hush my baby,
Don't wake yourself yet,
The road is long,
And there is still time to forget.
Don't know when we're arriving,
Don't know how far's to go.
I'll keep you out of trouble,
We'll take it nice and slow.

I'm still wondering why,
Do the wheels keep on turning,
In this lullaby.

I'll listen to the voices,
As they guide me on,
Straight ahead now,
'til all thoughts are gone,
When it's time to stop,
The voices will say,
Arrived at destination,
As you slip away.

I'm still wondering why,
Do the wheels keep on turning,
In this lullaby.

If I can just keep on going,
Maybe this road will never end?
The reason for my travelling,
Always lies just around the bend.
But I have no star to guide me,
I'm lost without a plan,
But I'm still going, I'm driving on,
Catch me if you can.

(Callow/Staiger - 2006)

You can now hear how the melody goes (complete with dodgy vocals) here:

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Anonymous said...

Nice lyrics D, sort of bitter-sweet quality to them, soothing, but restless at the same time... like to hear it sometime :-) Pxx