Friday, August 17, 2007

Are We There Yet?

I hinted in a much earlier Blog that I've been waiting for something for half a lifetime... which in my case is a scary 19 years!! Not long to go now and I'm feeling the excitment grow. Honestly, I haven't felt like this since I was a kid, it's nice when something comes along to make you feel that way. Can't wait!!


Peach said...

ahhhh, when is it again honey!?

Joanna Cake said...

I loved the Police in their heyday too. Sting was the most beautiful man in the world with that great voice and the lyrics were to die for.

Daren said...

Peach: Sept 8th!!

Having my cake: Yeah, I was totally in love too, but in a slightly different way... I guess. Full Blog post to come, when I find a particular piccie I'm looking for.

Lucy Dee said...

This is the trouble when you discover a new blog and "insider" phrases are used.

So the Police are playing together again, right? I think I had a friend attended a concert recently, stateside. 19 years! That's quite a bit of time to wait.

I guess, I'll get caught up and stop by again for the full blog post to come later.

Nice coming across your blog!

Daren said...

Lucy: Yes indeedy, The Police are back... something I never thought I'd get to see, so I'm kinda excited. The pic I'm trying to find is me playing the guitar live for the very first time (1986 or thereabouts) and the song I played was a Police tune.

Thanks for stopping by,


Lady in red said...

oh yes I like Police too though it was not until a year or so ago that the words of 'every breath you take' took on a new and menacing meaning for me.

thanx for stopping by my blog. so you sell t-shirts my son spends many hours designing t-shirts for his band

Hrishi Mittal said...

That must be quite an awesome feeling, Dazza.

I'd probably feel the same if Morrison was alive and the Doors played...How I hate the fact that I was born a couple of decades too late.

But I'm glad you get to live your dream.

Daren said...

Lady In Red: hmmm, sounds sinister, although Sting always meant it to be read two ways. Yeah T-Shirts was my thing, but it's pretty much over now... off to the nearest Tesco for a job soon. Ha, ha.

Revorad: Yeah, it's totally unbelievable, like suddenly finding out that Santa exists after all. I did go to see the L.A. Doors a few years ago, and they were excellent... seeing The Doors themselves would certainly be mind-blowing. BTW, Alex tells me she has met Ray Manzarek!