Monday, October 30, 2006

So here's how it is... I'm on this crazy road trip in America... selling T-Shirts for the Pet Shop Boys. Seems unlikely, but it's true. America is an exciting, scary, fascinating and ultimately, inspiring place. From the Gotham City-esque buildings of unrepentant gas-guzzling Detroit, to the Sim-City unrealness of New York. From the beach paradise and tattoo shops of Miami to the sterile semi-police state of Washington DC. From dustbowl shopping centres in Austin, Tx to the theme parks of Orlando. From the snows of Denver to the real-ale of Omaha... it's got it all!

So like countless musicians and artists before me, I feel inspired to create something to match the experience... so it's time for a project. Selling Cotton To America is the working title (a bit like Coals to Newcastle...) and the idea is to write 10 songs and put together an album... and this is the story of doing that. Hopefully. Or not doing it as the case may be... anyway, it should be an interesting story either way.

So standby for stories, dreams, lyrics, tunes, pictures, art, bullshit and a whole lot more... catch you later!

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