Monday, October 30, 2006

Paramount Theatre, Denver, Colorado

So I'm in the back of the truck counting T-Shirts... as I often do. The air is cold and crisp and the sky (what I can see of it) is ice blue. Snow is coming (so they tell us), and after a night of weird dreams and reading my friend Sarah's Blog (see Links) I get all sentimental suddenly... weird 'cos up 'til now everything has been very corporate and unsentimental... planes, trains and automobiles. But the threat of snow brought back memories and made me think of friends and times from the past... another lifetime ago. So I wrote down some words (below)... and went for a walk... there's a song in there somewhere I think.

Of course it hasn't actually snowed, but artistic license is a wonderful thing... not sure if this is one song or two or three... but here is the raw footage, so to speak:

When the snow fell on Denver,
I thought about home,
I thought about Christmas long ago,
Way up north,
A lifetime ago.

When the snow fell on Denver,
I thought about love lost,
And friends departed,
And the women I never married
A lifetime ago.

When the sky wept white candy floss,
I felt the passing of time,
I felt the tracks of my tears,
I felt empty and hollow.

Last night I dreamt I married you,
You didn’t want to, but we did it anyway.
So we pledged our lives ‘til the end.
With barefaced lies and double-crossed fingers,
But somehow we were content.

If contentment is all that you seek,
Surely you will find it.
Hold me, kiss me, let me explore,
And somehow we need nothing more.

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