Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving On

Hi all. It's typical isn't it, just when I get awarded my first Blogging award (thanks Trixie!!) - I turn into the world's worst Blogger. Time for a quick round-up I think:

Lesstival - Where less is quite firmly and certainly, less. This whole festival was just slightly more disappointing than I expected. The Red Arrows display was certainly the low point, for one thing the cut-out arrows were definitely a shade of pink. Although as co-organiser Stuart Whitehead pointed out: "They're less red - right?" I had fun though, although not as much as I'd expected.

The Chequers, Fordham - Slightly daunting to play a 45 minute set of original music to a group of locals that are used to covers from the dexterous Jacen Bruce. But fair play to them, they stayed and clapped and even bought me a drink or two, so it must have gone well. It was nearly all over, however, when the double bass decided it wanted to join in and very nearly fell on my head. Quick thinking from an audience member saved the day.

Filming at The Duchess part 2 - This time it was for a Stella Artois advert or some beer or other. As usual though, they'd finished filming by the time I arrived! It was still an entertaining evening as I ended up jamming on a cover of The Doors' Light My Fire.

Other News - well there is some, but I can't tell you yet. I will know more later today, so stay tuned.


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