Monday, October 29, 2007

Me And The Monkey King

I had a dream.

I was standing outside The Morrison hotel in Dublin. It was cool and breezy. The popstar Ian Brown was there, he was putting gravel on a light in the floor. He seemed very happy.

Then I was in a nightclub with more popstars and lots of people in sailor uniforms. I meet a guy called Mitch, he's a millionaire clothes store owner. He takes me to a secret place in the club and introduces me to the Irish mafia. I smoke a cigarette. He asks me if I'm gay or straight and then tells me how he cheated on his wife - I'm the only one he can tell.

Then I'm outside and eating a Burger King meal with a Kiwi and a dancer called Swan. It starts to rain heavily. So we walk the other way around the building to stay dry.

I'm back at the door of the hotel. Ian Brown is still there.

I go to bed and fall asleep.

Only... wasn't a dream.



Vi said...

Oh how very bizarre! My old neighbour in London is Ian Brown's manager. Wonder if he was there as well?

Peach said...

you are a dream dazza doo - missed you this weekend... and I have some good news for us...!

Daren said...

V: Yeah, it was a weird night. I suspect the manager wasn't there (they rarely come out on tour), but you never know!

P: I've been missing you too, and YAY!

(in Radlett, Herts)

Ariel said...

How... interesting! Radlett was home for a few years and your dreams are about as twisted as mine, only mine are down to cheese abuse!

Daren said...

A: But it wasn't a dream...!!!!


Joanna Cake said...

I know the name Ian Brown but Im obviously too young to remember what he's famous for :)

Daren said...

HMC: He was in the Stone Roses... and had one or two solo hits.

(in West Kensington, UK)