Saturday, June 02, 2007


In our bus there is a big red button. This big red button is temptingly labelled in true Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fashion DO NOT TOUCH! Surely the only reason for big red buttons to exist is to be pressed.

Today I am by the sea in Skive, Denmark at a festival. In true seaside fashion I will be selling my t-shirts from what appears to be a big red beach hut. Complete with sand on the floor. Back in the UK tomorrow and looking forward to seeing friends on Wednesday.


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Nobby and Me said...

I want to visit 'Skive', what a great place-name! I feel like I know it already though... isn't it down the road from Procrastinate and Dodge? Cheers for commenting on my Blog, it's great to think someone else has read it! Plus it was great to meet up. We're over at the end of July. Bye for now, Px