Friday, May 02, 2008

You Win Some...

I played the Duchess again last night, it went well... there were two other acts worth checking out:

The Bee's Niece - all the way from Norway, via Manchester. Lovely delicate songs with very well thought out lyrics. Lovely girl too!

Simon Andrews - great songs and now, with the lovely Katie, gripping harmonies. Well worth a listen.

My set went okay, The Fool I Am is proving a winner, and Obsession and I Need Your Love went down well.

On Wednesday night I went to see Laurie Anderson play. Now, I always get a mite suspicious when I see musicians sitting down to play... but fortunately Laurie was standing and despite my seat being a bit uncomfortable it was a very mesmerising 2 hours of playing. The songs/pieces veered from funny to thought-provoking to sublime. Very interesting and entertaining, if occasionally quite hard going (it's not exactly Pop you understand). I came away very inspired, albeit with a numb bum.

Hoping to record The Fool I Am very soon, if not today. Curiously I noticed that my song I Can If You Can contains the line "If you want me to be a fool, then I am", I hadn't made the connection before.

Next few chances to see and hear me play:

11th May - Cross Kings, Kings Cross
15th May - The Duchess, Battersea
29th June - Whitstable Biennale

plus, I'll be at The Montague Arms, New Cross next Thursday lending my support to Second Thursdays.

...And You Lose Some

I really hope Boris doesn't get in. He's a funny guy and all that, but running the most cosmopolitan city in the world... please god no! As Will Self put it, I'd rather have a lizard in charge than a clown.

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having my cake said...

LOL... I like that analogy. It will be interesting to see what changes.