Monday, May 12, 2008

From Kings Cross To Notting Hill

I had a good time at Cross Kings last night. I met some nice musicians and was chuffed that some friends made it down too. The full set was I Need Your Love, Lightkeeper, When The Snow Fell On Denver (my first live request!! Thanks Vicky!!) and The Fool I Am. There were some great acts on and the evening was highly enjoyable.

Next gig is a really good one too, so please do come along if you can make it!

Wednesday 28th May
Notting Hill Blag Club - 1st Floor, 68 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3HT

I even get paid some real cash money for everyone that comes to see me, so do let me know if you are thinking of coming along!!

All the best,



Giggle! said...

Wow that photo is coooool!!! xx

Vi said...

buggeration damn dash golly - Guess what? I have the bloody kids! lol.

Dazza said...

Giggle!: Thank you! Taken by the wonderfully talented Kris Gruber.

Vi: Well you see, that's just bad planning!! Ha ha.