Saturday, February 28, 2009

Music Around London

Busy, busy week. So here's a quick round up.


Open mic night at The Eagle near Old Street. Nice to be playing in a different place and to a fairly big crowd. Also good to see my friend Anne-Marie Sanderson on great form.


Back to the River Bar on a very, very busy night. Played my two tunes, met some nice people and hung around to see the rest of the night.


This one deserves more than just a single line... I was very excited to play for Jazzman John up at the Fused Lounge Bar in Lewisham. This was partly because it's an easy bus ride for me to get there, but also because it promised to be a great night and I wasn't disappointed. First up was a fantastic trombone three-piece, who really entertained us and finished with a cover of the Star Trek theme! I was next up, and despite a really dodgy mic played through four of my songs. The evening went from strength to strength as performer after performer produced some really memorable moments. Sometimes Jasmine improvised with an electric cello, loops and effects, and Dan Razer played some great guitar and very evocative songs. The evening ended with Jazzman John himself rapping over improvised guitar, cello and saxophone (pictured above). It was and excellent night, and I do recommend it highly.


Oh yeah, that's today... I have finally recorded my new song called A Song About Pain - I will Blog on this properly tomorrow and give you a chance to hear it.

Next gig is on Monday when I head to the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town for the RAW open mic night.


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