Friday, June 27, 2008


Last Saturday (21st June) I travelled down to deepest Devon to celebrate the wedding of my friends Frog and Victoria. It was a simple but beautiful ceremony followed by a fun reception at Victoria's parents place. The afternoon was made all the more surreal by near horizontal drizzle, gusting winds and the strange twilight you get on the Summer equinox (for that is what it was). The reception itself was in a marquee and the drinks were in two adjacent gazebos, which meant a trip out into the rain every time you wanted a refill, that certainly helped peg back the drinking. It wasn't until about 11pm that someone actually had the idea of moving the drink into the main marquee, we should have thought of that earlier!

I wasn't just there for drinking, mind you, I was also performing. The happy couple had lined up a few acts to play, and as they deemed my the least eclectic I was happy to step up and go on first. I had planned to use my vocal effects and looper, but in the end plumped for a more simple approach which more fitted the occasion. I played All I Want Is You, Do You Want To Dance? (with a cunning reference to Frog's Angry Badger song thrown in) Lightkeeper, When The Snow Fell On Denver (which is Victoria's favourite song of mine, curiously it is about not getting married?!) The Fool I Am and I Need Your Love. We ended with a rousing chorus or three of It's Summertime which went down very well with Frog's sing-a-long lyric sheet.

Following me there were a few other performers working their way through a collection of covers and original songs (including Angry Badger, and Large Sofa). Which was all very well received. Finally the band Skrewworm reformed for a special tribute performance. Apparantly they were playing when Frog and Victoria first hooked up at Frogstock (I could be wrong). In an emotional finish at the end of the set they declared that they had a present for the newly weds and then proceeded to present them with the guitar they had used which was signed and specially decorated. I think Frog especially was quite overcome by this and wanted to play something, but as he didn't play, I suggested that his brother Theo fretted the chords whilst Frog strummed. It worked a treat and the band even joined in! I have to say it was a super present, I'm thinking of asking The Police to play if I ever get married, perhaps Andy Summers will give me his guitar after their set... what do you think!?

The rest of the evening was spent talking and drinking and then sleeping in a tent that was being blown and rained on from all directions. Somehow we stayed dry and after bacon sandwiches and coffee the following morning we headed off across the wilds of Dartmoor to drive home.

So, all that's left to say is CONGRATULATIONS VICTORIA AND FROG! Thanks for letting me play on your special day, and I hope you have many years of happiness together. See you in Whitstable!



Giggle! said...

YAY!!!! Congrats to them!!!

Oh good! I was hoping to read that you peformed at their wedding! How romantic!!!

YOU ROCK!!! xx

Dazza said...

Giggle!: Yeah it was a super event, I can't quite believe that Frog got married and then a week later was curating a weekend at Whitstable... crazy man!