Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come On Chaps

Tonight will be another of those fun nights at The Montague Arms in New Cross. It's Old Chap Evening tonight and the featured acts include Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer (a hilarious take on rap songs, but done in the Queen's english!), Daniel Lehan and Will Noble. I have a cameo part too as I will be performing a sing-a-long of my track It's Summertime alongside Frog Morris, who will be conducting and leading the rousing choruses! We're also planning to debut the sing-a-long version of Angry Badger, so make sure you are there nice and early. Oh, and I almost forgot, technical issues permitting, I should also be debuting my TC Helicon VoiceLive processor tonight... no idea what I'm on about? Well come down and find out.

Also making a rare appearance will be the amazing Princess Penang (Alex Staiger) - a therapist and self-help guru, who cures all ills through the use of lollipops, balloons, marshmallows and trampolining to heavy metal riffs. Got a life issue you need help with? Then come along and let the princess heal you!! Her "Old Chap" will be making an appearance too... it's an unmissable night!!

On Tuesday I played a new open mic night at the Bunch Of Grapes in London Bridge. It was a (depressingly) excellent evening with many, many acts from the UK and further afield shining for just two songs each. I especially enjoyed Eddy Jay and Jo Faith amongst so many other great acts. The featured artist was NY born Bill Grady, who was a spell-binding mix of Paul Simon and Jason Mraz... fantastic lyrics, well delivered, definitely one to watch! Nice guy too, who was working his way through the English bitters... glad I was sticking to the Guiness!!


My next gig is this Sunday 15th at Prohibition Bar & Grill in St. Katherine's Dock, East Smithfield, E1W 1AA - be there from 7.00pm to catch a great set.

You can now buy You're Not Alone from Lulu - it features one of my written pieces (previously unpublished) and 105 other bloggers. It's in aid of charity too, so buy a copy for all your friends!!



having my cake said...

Angry Badger...? Have fun with the Old Chaps x

Trixie said...

Have a great night, and well done for getting into the book!

Giggle! said...

Wow you've been busy haven't you!!! :-)

Oh I wish I lived closer so I could go to one of your gigs!!!

Just let me know when you become REALLY famous and a millionaire and you can come and pick me up on your private jet and I'll tag along on your world tour! :-)

*GiGGLeS* xx

Dazza said...

Having My Cake: Yeah, the badger song is one of Frog Morris's compositions, I just play the chords and add silly noises!! Full write up to come later today.

Trixie: Thanks!!

Giggle!: Yeah, it's all go here at the Crystal Palace... and you're on!! Warming the jet up now... hee hee.