Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fit and the Conniptions

Well, I've just spent about the last three hours looking at the cartoons of I guy I barely know from about 15 years ago... he once roped in my brother to do drums for him, and I was probably very upset as I was dead jealous of anyone who stole my band members. But he's a totally cool guy (in an entirely un-cool way, if you know what I mean) and a sensational cartoonist. Think Dilbert for music lovers and you've just about got it. The fact that we are both still survivors in the "music world" despite various ups and downs is both a source of encouragement and a damning kick in the teeth, but that's what Wayne seems to be all about. So there you go. Do: a) check out his cartoon series, by clicking "First" in the link that's coming up and going through it day by day, b) go to one of his gigs, 'cos you'll be in the cartoon one way or another, and c) support your local musicians, we are like the High Street, about to be taken over by Tesco or summit.

Worthy posts on Documenta, Skulptur Projeckte and The Police to follow... keeep up if you can! Ha.

Here is Wayne's cartoon about our gig the other night:


P.S. Happy birthday to my brother on 3rd Sept just gone... the day war broke out, don't chya'know!


Wayne said...

Heh. Cheers, Daren. Cheque's in the post. Seriously, much appreciated.

Not sure about the 'damning kick in the teeth' bit though. In the end, for me, it's not even about refusing to give up so much as giving up simply not being an option. Of course, I used to feel that way about smoking too...

Dazza said...

You're right of course, it's not a kick in the teeth at all, but a sign of our dogged perserverance.

I look forward to a mention in the cartoons... hint hint!!