Sunday, August 05, 2007

And So To The End... for now.

Could this be it? Could this be the last time I sell T-Shirts for the Pet Shop Boys? No idea, in theory the last date should be in Barcelona, but that’s not until October so anything could happen before then. I’m in Lokerse in Belgium. The Magic Numbers are playing the light is fading and insects are starting to buzz about. It’s a slow selling day today, these festivals rarely involve much selling, but there are usually a few interesting sights to distract me. Today the Coca-cola girls have all been dressed as nurses, complete with stockings and suspenders, yummy. There are worse views.

The show finishes at about 1am tomorrow morning, it will take an hour and a half to pack my stuff up and then we drive for an hour back to Brussels. Later we will take the Eurostar home and the adventure ends for now. On Tuesday I fly to Ibiza for a few days rest and then the song-writing and playing will begin in earnest.


Nobby&Me said...

Boo hoo. Sorry to hear it's all coming to an end. What a great time though. Perhaps you'll make it to Paris one weekend now...
I'm back from hols for a week, see my blog for an update. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid. Have a good break.

having my cake said...

Ruf sometimes helps out with selling tshirts at concerts in the UK. From the previous post, it sounds as if European tour dates are just as chaotic!

Dazza said...

N&M: Yeah, it's a very strange feeling, and a slight anti-climax as there is probably one more gig to go. Still enjoy reading your posts, you write very well!!

Having my cake: Thanks for stopping by. The European dates are the worse, quite frankly, especially Spain for some reason.