Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Present

I had not particular plans to write another post this year, but I experienced another wonderful evening of music at The Duchess in Battersea Park on Thursday and couldn't let it pass unrecorded. The open mic night at The Duchess is hosted by Will O'Durkan who always gets the evening off to a great start with a couple of tunes. We used to play down by the gents loos (which was always entertaining when someone started up the hand dryer - the whole stage shook), but recently the stage was moved to near the door and it's a much better place to play. I was second on after Will and, despite my half-pint of Guiness slightly skewwing my timing, felt I played well. I played Lightkeeper, The Fool I Am and I Need Your Love. A quick audience poll (picking between happy and up-beat, or sad and Christmassy) chose When The Snow Fell In Denver as the last tune (guess which one of the two that is!!). Of course I can't really comment on my set, but if any performers or listeners are reading this, feel free to leave your review as a Blog comment.

After that the performers all hit a really high mark. I don't remember the exact order, but praise must go to Ashley Cowan (great first tune, pictured above), Dog Boy (super sing-a-long to the tune My Love Is Subject To Change), Tobacco Brown (multi-talented picker hailing from Vancouver and Croydon - I particularly liked the rhythmic guitar tapping), Tammay (lovely strong voice) and Steve the harp-playing, box thumping osteopath!

In the end I got so into the whole event that I had to run for my train... and missed it anyway! But even the overly long journey home could not diminish what had been a top drawer night of entertainment. And you don't even have to pay to get in!! I'm really looking forward to more nights there in the new year - perhaps I'll see you there too?

All the best,


P.S. Have just been over to Giggles blog, and had to give a mention to the gold-hearted Nitebyrd - who not only said very nice things about my music in her Blog, but also has just played Santa with a lovely gift. Visit her now and spread the love!!


DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds like a superb night. I read what Nightbyrd said about you a couple of days ago. She is a lovely lady with impeccable taste!

nitebyrd said...

Daren, every time I read about one of your "nights", I get so jealous! I want to see you perform. I'm buying lottery tickets like mad hoping to win and visit the UK. LOL Someday, I'll get there!

I only wrote what I meant. Your music is special and I truly do enjoy it very, very much.

Thank you for the kind comments and a thank you to Jackie, as well. I agree that I have excellent taste.

Casdok said...

Sounds wonderful. Hope DJ dosnt make you play by the gents loos at her book launch. She has just told me that you will doing my rap. I am so excited! And cant wait to hear what you will do to it. Thank you so much!
Happy new year! You have just made mine!

Dazza said...

DJ Kirkby: Yeah, it was a particularly good one.

Nitebyrd: Thank you once again!

Casdok: Hello. I'm really looking forward to performing your words too. Will be in touch shortly to ask a couple of couple of questions.

Happy New Year to you all!