Friday, October 03, 2008


Yes, that's where I am today. Randers, which is in Denmark. It's actually a quite picturesque town on the edge of a river. I took a very pleasant stroll to it's shores and watch a wonderful sunset over the wetlands. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of being on the road with a band. There are lots of similarities with my last tour, and many differences too. For one thing there are two real bands on this tour, and I'm hoping to make friends with most of them and find out what I need to be doing to get to their level. I only really miss two things from home, my friends (two in particular who are going through big changes in their lives) and my guitars. I miss practicing and writing songs, it's so much a part of my life these days that I feel quite bereft. Perhaps if I can befriend one of the guitarists I might be able to snatch some practice time.

Tonight will be an early night and, thankfully, I have a late call in the morning. I'm looking forward to the sleep and rest (I struggle to get good sleep on a tour bus) as tomorrow will be a busy day again.

Right off to read some Blogs and catch up.



Giggle! said...

WOOHOOOO!! Hope you're having a blast!!

And no trashing hotel rooms Mister! :-P xx

Dazza said...

Giggle!: Yeah, it's fun, but hard work too. I always leave my hotel room very neat... ha ha.