Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live On Your iPod

Well here it is. The videos are still a little way off, but the MP3 files are here (courtesy of Joel Armsden of I've also put together a cover with a live shot (from a previous gig) by Kris Gruber. I will probably do a second cover once I have a decent video still, so then you'll have a choice.

Enough preamble though, here are the 5 MP3 files (six tracks) for you to listen to. I've done a small commentary on each track below, but if you want to listen before being influenced by what I have to say then here you go:

Live In The Urban Jungle

1. The End Of The World Part I (Live) 4'35 (D. Callow)
2. The Prophet / Lightkeeper (Live) 7'11 (D. Callow)
3. Until We Pass This Way Again (Live) 4'20 (D. Callow)
4. When The Snow Fell In Denver (Live) 6'42 (D. Callow)
5. The Fool I Am (Live) 4'14 (D. Callow)

All songs recorded live at Monkey Chews, London, UK on 19th August 2008 performed by and copyright Daren Callow and mixed by Joel Armsden.

Okay, there are the tunes. Before I write a little bit about each song I just wanted to say that all these songs are pretty much as you would have heard them on the night (barring a few level adjustments) - there are NO overdubs and NO backing tracks. The extra noises and guitar lines were all played by me live on the night... I'll explain more as I cover each song.

1. The End Of The World Part I

I wrote this song whilst watching 28 Days Later, and originally it was going to be about environmental issues, but I decided that was just way too cliched, so instead it's about something else entirely. Please excuse my preamble on the MP3 file, I was a bit nervous to start with. The song features my tambourine (played with my foot, and cunningly taped to the floor this time!) and the Boss Loop Station (sampling footpedal) towards the end (the layered guitar parts, the first of which I play by hitting the strings with my hand). There are a couple of small mistakes, but I think I get away with it... just!

Interesting fact - the line "How can we stop you screaming" is influenced by Whitley Strieber's book - Communion.

2. The Prophet / Lightkeeper

There are two songs for the price of one here, but they can't be easily separated as they run into each other. The Prophet is a new song which heavily features my clever voice box and the Loop Station again. Lightkeeper is a song inspired by travelling with the Pet Shop Boys in 2006 / 2007. I really was in Estonia you know... I just about get the join between the two songs okay, but you can hear a slight click.

Interesting fact - the spoken words at the end of The Prophet are "Keine Krieg mehr bitte" - it's my pigeon German and was inspired by the man who decapitated the waxwork of Adolf Hitler in the German version of Madame Tussauds - it's supposed to mean "No more war thank you" but my German is not that good.

3. Until We Pass This Way Again

My second favourite song on this recording, this is the most recent song I've written. It's a kind of modern folk tune. Nothing much more to say other than it's about the passage of time, oh and I totally mess up the start!

Interesting fact: The noise at the end is Joel's dinner arriving. You'll see this on the video!

4. When Then Snow Fell In Denver

Please excuse the slightly cringe-worthy introduction! Also I mess up the start as I'm trying to play and tap a half-tempo rhythm with my foot at the same time! (I've changed the settings now so I can tap full tempo) Fortunately I didn't muck the ending up, which is my favourite piece of music (of mine) at the moment. The guitar layers are created with the Loop Station and the backing vocals and infinite echoes with my voice box. The backing vocals are mixed a little bit high for me, but they represent what you would have heard live, so I've not changed them. This song was the runt of the Lullabies From The Wheels Of The Bus litter, but I've grown to love it. I especially enjoy singing all the weird harmonies at the end. The kick drum is also supplied by the Loop Station, and it's always a good feeling when I turn it up to find that I've actually played in time!!

Interesting fact: It's entirely possible that I wrote this song in Detroit and not in Denver at all... oh, and it didn't actually snow.

5. The Fool I Am

Last song of the set, and a bit rushed as the adrenaline was definitely flowing after playing the end of Denver. This song is not about what you think it is.

Interesting fact: Someone in the audience was so amazed that I'd actually reached the end of the song that they broke a glass in celebration at the start.



P.S. If you don't have an MP3 player and would like a CD of this concert then just let me know your address and PayPal me a minimum donation of £2 and it shall be yours! PayPal button is at the bottom of this page: Music - and my email is music @ darencallow . co . uk - just remove the spaces. Oh, you'll also find lots of other files and album artwork to download on that page.


Giggle! said...

Wait a minute... did I read right? You travelled with the Pet Shop boys???

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O xx

Dazza said...

Giggle!: How did you miss that?! Check out the very first posts, I started blogging whilst I was out on the road...


nitebyrd said...

I'm going to listen before I read. I have to apologize for being so remiss in posting and reading, life is too hectic lately.

Thanks for posting the live tunes!

Dazza said...

Nitebyrd: Cool and no worries... let me know what you make of the recordings.