Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sign Me Up!

I've been working hard on new mixes and songs for my demos this week. Finally I feel that they are completed enough for public listening. I've also produced some artwork to go with them, so I hope you enjoy the whole experience. As I'm hoping to use these demos as part of a package to get gigs and management / recording companies interested so I WOULD APPRECIATE SOME FEEDBACK!! Lay it on me... anonymous posters can do it too... your thoughts are very useful to me as I'm very close to these songs and sometimes I really can't hear them... anyway, here we go.

I Need Your Love
This is a song that was on my very first Air demo!! But it's evolved a bit since then and with a bit of multi-tracking I've come up with something in-your-face, yet fun. I hope! Stick with it as there are good bits all the way through to the end. Check it out, and don't be shy with the volume:
I Need Your Love

Another song with a few versions kicking around, but I'm really trying to display a range of ideas and sounds, so I'm pushing this sparse version again. The ticking clock is actually a metronome, and the clinking sound just before the vocals come in is ice in a glass of whisky (really). Ideally I'd love someone to pay me to record all these tracks with real drums, they would sound so much better, but in the absence of that (or until I save up enough cash myself) then the Garage Band drums have to suffice.
Raw Obsession

Minneapolis Hungover Tired Awake
A more recent song that I've tidied up for public consumption and added a little percussion. Let me know what you think. Btw, can you spot the references to the Pet Shop Boys in this tune?
Minneapolis Hungover Tired Awake

That's it for now. I really hope you hear something you like, and if you fancy helping me out then please tell your mates, download the track to your iPod and generally pimp me around. Thank you!

A few gigs coming up soon too:

7th April, TBC
The Sun, Clapham Common
Open mic spot

24th April 2008, 8pm
Manning’s Bar, 73-75 Brent Street, London,NW4 2EA
An unplugged night at this North London venue.

11th May 2008, 8pm
Cross Kings, 126 York Way, London, N1 0AX
Featured slot at this wonderfully eclectic open mic night

26th June 2008, TBC
The Duchess, Battersea Park
A full set at the prestigious Duchess Showcase night

Love to all,



having my cake said...

Cant listen right now cos Ruf is watching tv in the same room. Will try to get back tomorrow - if I dont, gmail me and remind me!

having my cake said...

I tried, but I cant get the links to the songs to work :(

having my cake said...

I think my fave is Obsession but it's a tough call between that and Minneapolis. I like the guitar riff in the second one and the metronome effect in the first, that's quite haunting.

Dazza said...

HMC: Thanks soooo much for persevering, glad you got there in the end. And thanks for the comments, now if I could just find another 100,000 people like you... ha ha.