Thursday, March 20, 2008

A New Look

A few weeks ago I had great fun doing a photoshoot with music photographer Kris Gruber. It was very enjoyable to hang out with him for a couple of hours and getting used to being in front of the lens again. It was freezing cold, and I only had on the jacket and t-shirt that you see in the pictures, but we managed to surpass the vision I had in my head for the pictures, so I was very happy.

Getting the disc with the pictures spurred me on to redesign the website, so please head over there and take a look:

My music has stepped up a level in recent weeks, with radio play, better gigs and new songs on the way so it's great that the website can match up to that.

Talking of gigs, don't forget that tonight I'm playing two sets at Finnegan's Wake in Ealing Green (W5 5QX). This is a great venue, and although the weather is supposed to be lousy tonight, I can assure you that it will be well worth the trip. So come along and hear me in the flesh.

More songs, more pictures and just generally more... on its way.


COMPETITION: A free CD with tracks of your choice (my tracks that is - cheeky!!) to anyone who can work out where we are in the pictures.


Vi said...

I hope the gig went well mate and it wasn't a wash out! Hey, how about you and peach come up my way on the 30th May to listen to one of my mates sing?

Dazza said...

Vi: It did, thanks. Although I ended up playing nearly at the end, which I am not used to. I think it went down well. 30th sounds possible, where is your way?