Sunday, February 17, 2008

DARE5 - The First Podcast

Okay, here it is. Best not to say too much, but let you download and enjoy. Please do leave your comments so I know what you all think. You'll find three songs on this podcast - All I Want Is You, I Need Your Love and Do You Want To Dance?



DARE5 - The First Podcast (9.5Mb) - 13'52


Tudor said...

Hi Daren,
It worked! I finally got to one of your gigs!
Sounded great I really enjoyed it.
How about an outside broadcast next time? Live from Camden Market!
hope to catch up soon.

Vi said...

Thanks for the nice easy listening music this morning while I was catching up on my blogs! I throughly enjoyed it!

Dazza said...

Tudor: Thanks mate, if you say it sounds good then that's praise indeed. Are you offering a venue for a follow-up?

Vi: Thank you. Feel free to tell any music loving friends you may have ;o)


Nobby&Me said...

Hey, loved it. Good to hear you again after all this time, although I do still play your albums you know, the kids are very impressed, 'Mummy knows a pop star!'

Dazza said...

N&M: Thank you, thank you. Funny that reminds me of a time about 15 years or so ago. No kids then of course, apart from us!!