Monday, December 17, 2007

Hope & Banker

Phew - I'm back!

I've been moving house, hence the hiatus. Last night I went to the Hope & Anchor in Islington for what turned out to be a very pleasant evening of music. My friend Wayne of Fit And The Conniptions was playing and after a marathon walk to find a working cash machine I was relieved to find he hadn't played yet.

First up was a young guy who seemed to have brought his entire family and church youth group with him. He was a kind of cross between Buddy Holly and Kurt Cobain, if such a thing is possible. Next was a Japanese act with the most amazing sound and a singer who stood stock still nearly all the way through the set. Following this was a singer who looked like the bearded teacher from Grange Hill (what was his name?!) and seemed to have a fanatical following who were actually quiet when he played! Finally Wayne rocked up with a fantastic saxophone player. The whole evening was frankly excellent, and well worth £4.50 to get in.

Another chance to see me play is coming up, if you are around, do venture to Cross Kings on the 23rd December. See you there!