Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Wow, just spent an hour practising. Old songs, very old songs, new songs. Songs I don't even know yet. Very intense feelings in some of those songs. Cries of anguish and betrayal mixed in with songs about happiness, love and the freedom of life. Bipolar, moi?

Some are quite hard to sing as they are very emotional, some are fun and funky and make me wish I had a band to do them justice. It's quite a hard thing to try and play original music for an hour with just voice and acoustic guitar and make it fun and interesting. I started to tire after about half and hour, I didn't realise how much energy it takes out of you. Mental and physical.

It's weird how many of my songs are about death. Well actually it's not weird at all, considering how my life has played out over the last few years. You'd think I would be sick of life, scared of relationships, scared of friendship... for fear of losing more. But I don't feel that way, if anything I feel more and more glad to be alive and to have some great people in my life right now.

My most recent song is about travel, adventure, war, love and dreams... so perhaps I am moving on creatively too.

Anyway, I have also started actively looking to book up some gigs as my current tour of duty is starting to fade out. It's time to fade up the music.


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Peach said...

Hey look at this (from the guy who gave us the venn that tune btw)

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