Sunday, July 27, 2014

Civilised Behaviour

What better way to celebrate American Independence day could there be than seeing a quintessentially English pop act in an eccentric English boozer? Well that probably depends on your point of view, but I certainly could think of few better. So accompanied by an illustrious trio of artists: Daniel “Lord” Lehan, Charlie Fox (Laughing Bear retired, pictured at the end of this Blog) and Canadian Josée Dubeau I ventured through Nunhead to the really rather splendid Ivy House. I had never heard of the venue before this concert, but I was stunned by a wonderful, community-owned pub with a beautiful ballroom attached to the rear. The pictures don’t really do it justice; it’s well worth a visit just in it’s own right.

The band I was there to hear go by the near literally moniker of “Mikey Georgeson And The Civilised Scene” which might, of itself, not mean a great deal. However when I explain that Mikey is both “The Vessel” of David Devant And His Spirit Wife and also “Mr Solo”, things will become abundantly clearer. Or not. He’s on Wikipedia in case that helps, it probably doesn’t. Either way Mikey has thrown aside the towering wigs, capes and safari suits of yore and now presents a set of music very much “as himself”. Before all of that though and in a bold effort to return some much missed Buffon hair we were entertained by the tunes of the support act – Emily Capell And The Three Petes Suite (try saying that drunk!). Despite savage heat onstage Emily and her trilby & stripy Polo shirt attired band gave a good account of themselves with well observed, contemporary lyrics and dapper accompaniment, which at it’s best reminded me of The Specials with a modern lilt.

Mikey himself, resplendent in sharp blazer and tie, was fabulous. Accompanied by a hefty band, including brass and one of my favourite guitarists, the set was full of cracking pop tunes. From the opening of I See What You Did There through one of my all time favourite songs – Industry (I did a re-mix of this awesome song once) to whatever he finished with (sorry, I should have taken notes, but I was enjoying myself way too much). So hot was it that by the end of the evening Mikey had removed blazer and tie to throw Elvis like shapes across the gold lame stage with Ukelele and acoustic guitar. It was a most splendiferous spectacle, if I can say that? I can, I just did. In the end it was a gloriously English evening in the heart of metropolis and I, for one, enjoyed it greatly. Lord Lehan and myself felt moved enough to perform the “We are not worthy” moves from Wayne’s World, and indeed these Canadian-inspired references were the nearest we got to anything American on this special day for our cousins over t’pond.

Mikey’s records can be bought via iTunes and all the usual ways, although where all the money goes, nobody knows. By the way, if you ever need a second guitarist Mikey – I’m available.

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